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From: Aihu Fist
Subject: Hammam 17 Hammam part 17
by Aihu FistCopyright 2006 Aihu Fist. All Rights Reserved.
Ghadafi Muamar, finally got to see that circusdirector. I as the
colonels' favorite pet went everywhere he went, and he had no secrets for
me. We traveled all the way to Fez to see th guy. He wasn't exactly well
educated. Circus people are a special breed, if you ask me. The man wore a
nice shirt with a golden colored tie to meet the royal child suck porn demands and a
stainless pair of trousers. The seats in the limo were of pure red velvet and it had a coctailbar in
it and a medium rissian child porn TV screen. Until the man showed up we watched the best
kiddieporn movies. The Colonel had a huge collection, mostly child suck porn filmd in Dubai
and Lybia, he told me. child asia porn He was very pleased with my company, for he couldn't keep his hands to
himself. They roamed behind my arsehole fingering me all the time. It was a
great feeling because while he did this, he also licked my nipples. I sat
shirtless in the car, just wearing a thong.-Will you be happy with me, Rachid?-Absolutely, my lord. I love you so much, look my zob (dick) how it grows
when you touch my butt hole.-Yes, I am pleased with that.-He glued his childrens nudes pics eyes on the scene on the monitor where two black males were
buttfucking a blond boy of about twelve.-Could you have this, Rachid?-Oh, yes, I had many up my arse, you know, I am used to it.I don't know why I said this, I just did hairy children pussy to impress him wiht my lover
qualities.-Mmm, that sounds good. Now I want you childrens nudes pics to be my perennial companion, and
you will not go with anyone but me, is that understood?-Yes, sir.-And no jealousies, ever, if child incest thumbnail
I am sometimes a bit intersted in a velocity child bondage roumi boy.-Safi, my lord.The driver tapped on the window.-The circus director, sir is here.-Let him in.The man got in and was overtly submissive and impressed with this private
meeting with the colonel.-Salaam Aleikhoum!-Maleikhoum asalaam-So you are the man we need? Cigarette?-Choukran (thank you) Colonel. Yes, I am the owner of the biggest Iranian
circus that roams in the whole of the Middle-East and recentlly we do a